ECtHR, the Court’s organization


A. Court’s organization

     8. Protocol No. 11 with a different contract, which was established by the European Court of Human Rights on the number of State contract (contract today, the number of States is forty-four) equal number of judges (see Annex II List of Judges) is composed. The number of judges from the same nationality restriction does not have any. Judges at a time for six years by the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly are elected. In contrast, half of judges in an election three years can be made in order during the first election of judges selected a half years after the end of the mission was three.

      Judges in the Court are located on their own behalf and do not represent any State. Independence and impartiality or the permanent task to task with no activity in the not incompatible. Duties of judges at age seventy-ends.

     Presence of all members of the Court for three years president, two vice-president and president selects two sections.

     9. In accordance with internal regulations, the Court determined for the formation of three years, in terms of geography, as well as in the formation of gender representation and the different legal systems existing in the contracting parties must be taken into consideration is divided into the four sections. Two sections of the Court’s two vice presidents chair while the other two sections, the section shall be chaired. Vice presidents are elected by the section section section helps the president and should take place as the head of the section.

     10. Each section within twelve months of the committees will be created with three judges.

     11. Conversion system in the body of each section according to the seven-member circles are created, the head section and the relevant Government departments on behalf of the members selected as judges are located. Selected members of the dominant sections of the State concerned on behalf of the apartment is not ex officio members include adjectives. Apartments are not members of the noble section members are located with the proxy attribute.

     12. The court’s Grand Chamber of seventeen judges consists of. President of the Court’s Grand Chamber vice president and heads of departments are located as members ex officio.

B. In front of the court proceeding

1. Typically

     13. States each contract or breach of the Convention so that the victims who think every person, a contract with the State Convention by guaranteeing the rights acquired by one of the violations suggest a direct appeal to the Strasbourg Court may direct. Applicant a brief description of the use and application forms for my editorial director can be obtained from.

     14. The trial court and the public is conditioned Niza. Due to exceptional circumstances apartment / Grand Chamber, unless the contrary decision, the trial of scarcity, is open to the public. As a rule, the Court left to the editorial director of the petition and other documentation that the public has access.

     15. Individual applicants can apply themselves, but be represented by a lawyer is recommended, and even, for the hearing of the application may be accepted or to be represented by a lawyer be explained later is required. Council of Europe do not have sufficient resources for the applicant is a legal aid system has been implemented.

     16. Court’s official languages French and English, but the applications be submitted in one of the official languages of the State contract is possible. If the application is acceptable as open, one of the two official languages must be used, but the apartment / Grand Chamber for permission to use the language if the application can continue.

2. Accept the trial procedures relating

     17. Appoint a rapporteur on the head of each individual application that is sent to a section. After review of the application preparation, rapporteur of the case by a three-member committee reviewed whether you decides by a circle.

     18. Such a decision can be taken to another state without examination of an application, the Committee unanimously declared unacceptable, or may remove from the Court’s tasks.

     19. Sent to them directly by the rapporteur of the case outside the apartments can not be accepted by the three-member committee to review the application and state their applications are not open. Apartments on the basis of applications accepted and the separate decisions or in some cases only decide.

     20. An application of the Convention concerning the interpretation a serious problem, you put a question or a solution by the court previously given a decision may conflict with the flat sides of the jurisdiction abandon their intention to report, starting in a month not to appeal the circle always in favor of the Grand Chamber may give up jurisdiction. Abandonment in trial procedures to be followed is the same as described above for apartments.

     21. Circle, open to the public the merits of the Remember decided to hold a hearing even if the first stage of the trial is usually written.

     22. Apartment decisions taken regarding accept the majority must be justified and should be made public.

3. Basis of the trial procedures

     23. Applicant decides to accept the case, the office added by crazy people, and the applicant in relation to the “equitable compensation” including a request concerning a possible, may be invited to provide written comments. Acceptance has not been done during the trial, circles about the merits, may decide to hold hearings.

     24. Chairman of the Department’s proper administration of justice to judge the benefit of every covenant not party other than the State or the applicant relevant to each person to provide written comments or in exceptional cases to trial may be invited to participate, or they may allow. Each of the nationality of the applicant in the contract the State may intervene ex officio to the case.

     25. Basis during the trial, the editor-in-chief may be made through negotiations to ensure amicable solution.

4. Decisions

     26. Apartments are usually decided. Have been involved in the review of cases each judge’s decision that the different opinions – appropriate or counter-statement or a simple expression of differences of opinion are entitled to add.

     27. Circle by a given date tefhim decision within three months, if the proceedings of the Convention and Protocol interpretation or application of the serious questions relating to the general nature or cause a serious problem if the parties to the proceedings before the Grand Chamber may request to be sent. These demands, the court president, the office is attached to the head of the section outside the heads of other sections and the first apartment did not take place, the conversion system according to another selected to judge, the Grand Chamber of the five judges made up of a committee which will be reviewed by.

      28. A decision of the Department, or by the expiration of three months to send to the front of the Grand Chamber found no intentions or descriptions made up of five judges who sent the request to set up rejection is finalized.

     29. If the Board accepts the request, the Grand Chamber case decision about the most accurate.

     30. Court’s final all decisions related to the defendant State is challenging.

     31. The Council of Europe Committee of Ministers is responsible for pursuing enforcement of decisions. Committee of Ministers decided that they were violating the Agreement States to meet their obligations arising from the Court’s decision to take the necessary measures and receive checks.

5. Advisory opinions

     32. Court at the request of the Committee of Ministers of the interpretation of the Convention or the Protocol concerning advisory opinions on legal questions can not vote.

     Committee of Ministers to the Court majority opinion takes the decision to ask.

     33. Advisory opinion requested by the majority of their opinions which examines the Grand Chamber. Each judge advisory opinion of the different opinions – appropriate or counter-statement or a simple expression of differences of opinion can add.


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